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What is the Gateway Health Group?

The Gateway Health Group (GHG) is a municipal joint purchase group for health, dental, and life insurance that was organized on July 1, 2005, pursuant to MGL Chapter 32B, Section 12.  The group has seven member units with over 1,700 subscribers (employees and retirees) and about 3,500 total members.

The GHG is governed by a Board of Directors that is comprised of a representative from each of the seven member units with each having a single vote.  The GHG also has an appointed Treasurer as well.

The membership currently includes the four towns of Carver, Lakeville, Marion, and Mattapoisett, along with the three schools Old Colony Regional Voc-Tech, Old Rochester Regional, and Southeastern Voc-Tech.

GHG utilizes EBS Foran Insurance and Advisory Services of Cape Cod and Worcester as a consultant.

Please familiarize yourself with our website. It was designed with you in mind to offer as many resources pertinent to your insurance needs.

Debra M. Blanchette, Treasurer
P.O. Box 2836
Hyannis, MA  02601
Tel. 508-862-4661/Fax 508-862-4717

Gary J. Carreiro, Chairman          

2 Spring Street        

Marion, MA 02738                                         

Tel. 508-748-3505/Fax 508-748-3534       

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